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 Elendril app

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PostSubject: Elendril app   Sun Feb 14, 2010 7:40 pm

b][u]Generic Information
-Nickname: [optional] Kazekage
-Alias: none
Age: 13
Gender: male

Appearance Information
Picture: get later
Description: Elendril personality is further emphasized by his generally lazy expression, aloof manner, relaxed voice, and minimalist attitude. In serious situations, however, he is shown to have a very stern and intense look. He is almost always seen in his super ninja uniform, along with iron guard gloves reminiscent of his father’s day’s as a hero days. Another noticeable feature to Elendril, other than his unique right eye, is the thin scar running over it and down to his cheek. He is a tall, fit hero, characterized by his tall and spiky black hair, forehead protector regularly covering his scarred right eye, and his chronically visible mask. He is mistaken by a lot of people for his father who he is considered to greatly resemble.
While it has yet to be revealed why, he has, since a young age, always been seen concealing the lower half of his face. What he looks like remains a point of interest for his friend’s, who try to find out what he looks like in various of prank’s at a party

Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brown
Skin Color: brown
Height: 5'2
Weight: 124
Clothing: what ever he is whereing some time a cool ninja outfit that has a black chest protector head band and guard gloves
Body Type: [optional]

Personality Information
Personality: He is very cheerful and shows greater concern for his teammates, placing their safety over the successful completion of a mission. He is also regularly late for appointments. This is because of his frequent time’s of sleeping late name is engraved, where he loses track of time. However, Elendril is still just as carefree and emotionless as he was during his time with family , often speaking bluntly about sensitive topics.
Elendril claims to have lost everyone who was close to him, causing some reluctance to allow others to get close to him. Of the people who are still alive, Elendril is on the best terms with his friend’s. After the formation of a prank he begins taking a special interest in their development, as shown from his regular checking up on his fat friend and his eating habits. He similarly refuses to go on a mission I so that he can stop friend’s from killing each other. Elendril is just as devoted to his friends and the rest of the school, such that his signature saying, then never give in , has been made on the principle of duty, and perfected on the principle of protecting loved ones. Elendril has a rather solitary and matter-of-fact attitude. His calm and detached demeanor has been called “cool, hip, and trendy” many times by friend’s . Despite his increasingly growing reputation and prowess as a super hero, Elendril has shown no signs of arrogance, and is rather modest about his abilities. His naturally calm attitude is used to his advantage in battle, as it becomes easier for him to maintain his composure to stay focused on the situation at hand, and ultimately notice everything around him. As a result, he can quickly adjust to any situation to make keen and thought-out decisions, allowing him to stay steps ahead of his opponents.
Elendril has an ongoing, albeit one-sided, rivalry with most of his friend’s . In trying to prove themselves superior to Elendril, they challenges him to competitions of questionable value ranging from Rock, Paper, Scissors to running races. One of his friend’s has a record of 50 wins to 49 losses, which he is particularly proud of. Elendril, on the other hand, shows very little interest in their competitions, which only further inspires his friends to defeat Elendril and his "coolness".

Likes: to party to fight and train
Dislikes: bull’s and to study
Fears: [optional]
Personal Strengths: [optional]
General Traits:
Theme Song: [optional]
Catchphrase: you stupid hobnoker
Superhero/School Information
Powers: complete fire control and complete wind
-Point Cost: 16
-Remaining: none
Super-suit: [optional]
Grade: 8th third year

Item Information
Items [optional]

Pet Information
Pets [optional]

Background/RP Information
History: Elendril was born into a family of super hero’s his mother was a crime fighter how could control wind and was called the wind wolf she went to the academy like Elendril as well his father was not so lucky he was not able to go to the academy he was forced to learn to control his power’s himself
Elendril is the youngest out of three he was able to master fire and wind making him his parent’s favorite’s he had wanted to go to the academy forever but wasn’t allowed until he was11 where he met his friend’s and started to take the academy by suppriss he is said to be a prodigy and may be the greatest here ever to attend he was put into a dorm with 2 kid's sonic and keel they where put in class's together they once went to a party an got into a fight where they set the building on fire where he was in so much trouble they sent him home for a week where he was forced to wash the house where he could not use any power's just hard work our he would have to do even more punishmint's then win he got back to school he had to take his finally and he passed even though he did not study and win they found out they put him in advance class's
-Father: blaze
-Mother: wind elf
-Siblings: brother blast sister hurricane
-Others: [none
RP Sample: Elendril picks up a kaguya scroll and starts reading it it said

Dance of the Camellia
Dance of the Clematis: Flower
Dance of the Clematis: Vine Dance of the Larch Dance of the Seedling Fern Dance of the Willow Drilling Finger Bullets

Elendril does the dance of the willow To perform this dance, Elendril grows several long bone blades from his body for use as weapons. Though he primarily uses two blades grown from the palms of his hands, he also uses several secondary bones grown from his elbows, knees, and shoulders. This dance form is incredibly acrobatic, using spins, charges, and long sweeping slashes to make the strikes more effective and to evade opponents\\\' counter strikes. Kimimaro can also extend his bones to attack his opponents without having to adjust his own movement.

he then does the drilling finger bullets Elendril fires his fingertip bones at an opponent like bullets. Since he has regenerative bones, the rate of fire from his arsenal can become limitless. These bullets were unable to penetrate the Shield of Sand though they did severely dent it and nearly strike . The skin the bullets tear through to fire is also healed by the end of the technique.

Elendril stands in the middle of a desert with rock’s all around him. a lot of sand litter the ground around him. snow trickles down through the sky between the mountain tops. Elendril takes off his sword and his red shirt. Elendril stood there for a second as the snow soon covered his body. It was cold, and it felt so good and it kept him focused on what he was doing and not on something else that might sidetrack him. Elendril hair now puffed up on his head and in his nose. He takes his left hand and moves his snow from his face so he could see and examine his field. Elendril looked at the mountain‘s, they looked pretty sturdy and would do well for his training. The rock also looked good; they would be used for more difficult training

to start off Elendril looks for 2 good shaped rocks and finds them. Next he ties the rocks to his feet, then just stands there closing his eyes. He pauses for a moment to prepare for the training ahead taking deep breaths and flexing his muscles. He courses chakra threw his bones to make them come to the surface and grow hard. After this Elendril does a hand stand and stands on his hands for a few minutes. Next he pushes his finger down and lifts himself higher. Elendril is no longer on his palms, but he is on his finger tips trying to hold his whole body for as long as he can. Elendril holds it for a little bit and then starts to do pushups on his finger tips.

Soon after the pushups started Elendril stopped and once again stood on nothing but his finger tips. Without a grunt or word Elendril starts to remove his finger\\\'s one by one until he got to one finger on each hand then he does it kind of backward until he is standing on nothing but his thumbs. He repeated this over and over making some bones in his body heavier each time. This was to make the bones that would form in the fingertip area stronger. Elendril eventually started to make the bones from his fingers protrude from his finger tips and attempted to hold himself up with just using the bones. He failed a few times but got up an did it over and over again.

After basically mastering that Elendril falls forward from his handstand and back onto his feet. The snow was still freezing but Elendril had gotten used to the stinging, because in a way the snow cooled his fingers down. They felt like they were on fire so Elendril holds them in the snow to let the snow partially numb the feeling. After the pounding in his fingers quit, Elendril decides that he is ready to learn the jutsu he wants. \\\"Drill finger bullet Jutsu,\\\" Elendril mumbled under his breath moving some of the snow off his face . This jutsu was one of the more basic jutsu of Elendril’s Clan but it was still a B-ranked jutsu and was difficult to learn. Especially since Elendril didn’t have a teacher, just himself and a scroll of his clans jutsu.

Elendril decides to start out slow and work his way up so he takes his right hand, his strong hand and points one finger at a stone and focuses his chakra. Elendril shapes the bone under his skin, making it sharp at the ends and making it slimmer to go through the air faster. Elendril Also wedged chakra between the join separating the finger tip from the rest of the finger. The bone slides out of the end of Elendril’s finger and the chakra that was used to separate it was focused on. Eventually the chakra made a small explosion, enough to send the finger bullet straight into the stone and half way into the base of it then Elendril’s natural healing abilities from his Clan healed the hole left from the finger bullet fairly quickly and a new bone grew into the missing spot almost instantly.

Elendril practiced this for a while and slowly added one finger after another trying to fire them simataniacly and shot multiple rounds at a time. This took hard work, because even though the finger bullets barely used any chakra and would hardly ever make a shinobi run out of chakra, it was still hard to move the chakra between the joins and distributing the amount of chakra given to each finger bullet. Elendril was only cutting halfway into the stones so he decided to gradually add chakra to the finger bullets. He could now fire about 4 to 5 bullets at a time now and that was about the limit because there is only five fingers so Elendril had to add more chakra to each finger properly or he might blow his fingers off. He fired and added and fired and added until the bullets cut through the stones like butter. This still used absolutely little chakra at and b it was easy to aim and fire so it was a killer technique.

Elendril now decided to use 2 hands at the same time, after practicing the same techs with the other hand individually of course. Elendril had now moved on to the trees and not the stones. He used basically the same techs as before but with both hands. This was hard to do because it was like looking down 2 guns at once with only 2 eyes that looked in the same direction. Elendril did same as before and added chakra to his blasts to figure out how much he needed to shoot threw a tree. He soon got the hang of it and now could shoot very fast and very accurate. He still needed training of course but as for this jutsu he had it covered.

he then does Dance of the Seedling Fern Elendril's final dance (presumably the strongest as a last resort), this jutsu causes a giant forest of bone spikes to burst from the ground. Elendril is able to emerge from any bone at will, giving him a deadly element of surprise should the opponent be able to avoid the attack.

Of all the techniques shown through the Shikotsumyaku abilities, this dance is the only one to be a ninjutsu, rather than a taijutsu.

he then does Dance of the Larch Elendril uses this jutsu to create a mass of razor-sharp bone spikes all over his body. These spines appear to be branches off his pre-existing skeletal structure rather than completely new bones. Elendril is even able to grow these bones at an extremely rapid rate so they can stab an opponent even as they are growing. He can even use them to block or trap an opponent\\\'s strikes. In addition to being an unwelcome surprise for opponents, it makes him basically untouchable at close range. If an opponent would start to get close to him, he would start to spin rapidly slashing the foe in multiple areas of their body.

he then does the Dance of the Clematis: Vine Using his kekkei genkai,Elandril can modify and pull out his own spinal column to use as a flexible chain staff, redrawing a new spine to replace the removed one. The protrusions on the vertebrae are modified to make them stronger and sharper. He start’s to pula his spine out little by little he then makes it a chain staff he does stances and formation’s he then focuses his chakra into the chain staff he then practices moves with the chain staff he does a back flip swinging the staff and hitting the target in the center cracking the stone in have he then pull’s the staff together he then swing’s the staff and wrap’s it around a rock he then pull’s it until the chain can pull no more than the rock shatter’s he then douse a back flip landing on his chain staff and standing there to make his balance better he then douse a back flip holding onto the staff and landing on it he then douse old moves that some of the best taijutsu master did with chain staff’s like monkey leap over boar and hurricane roar and other great moves that the master’s did in there day’s he did some of the clan moves that his father and other master’s of there kekkei genkai from there clan did that they had showed the kid’s with the kekkei genkai in the clan how to do so he did the moves how they showed him in the classes they had he put chakra in to his movement’s and watched his step’s to make them perfect he then makes his taijutsu good using his chain staff to his perfection making moves that have never been done or seen

het hen douse Dance of the Clematis: Flower This is a follow-up to the Dance of the Clematis: Vine. Elendril entire forearm is encased in a giant drill made of bone to attack the trapped victim. The bone is strengthened (through compression and its plaited spiral shape) to become the hardest type of bone the body can produce. The bone resembles a flower, hence the name. (Despite its strength, it was unable to penetrate Gaara's Ultimate Absolute Defense: Shield of Shukaku. )he then start’s using the drill he strikes stone after stone focusing chakra at the tip of the drill he moves with lightning speed’s shattering stone after stone he then start’s drilling threw the mountain to make a tunnel he get’s threw little by little losing chakra fast put’s all of his energy into the drill going as fast as he can puting as much chakra as he can into the drill he try’s to remember what thay told him to do at the classses whin losing chakra and trying to drill threw a mountin what to do to help gain chakra to finish the mountin drilling he tryied to focus all his energy and chakra into one powerful blow to get threw the mountin

he then does Dance of the Camellia Elendril performs this jutsu by modifying the humerus (upper arm bone) of either his right or left arm to create’s short, hilt-less bone sword. Since he can increase and compress the density of his bones, he can make the sword harder than steel. He then uses the sword to fight; his style uses quick cuts and thrusts to disable opponents quickly. He is extremely proficient with this sword and can, not only deflect shuriken, but also dispatch a large number of Shadow Clones with this technique. He start’s making shadow clones then they sart runing up trees and start making bones come out the ground little by little. He then doase a back flip shouting bones out of his toes at trees and the bone’s go all the way threw. he tnen pulles his spinal column out and makes it resemble a sword then get’s anco a friend to come spare whith hime anco throw’s a kunai knive at him Elendril shotes a finger bown at the kunai knive making it miss him he then run’s at anco anco pull’s out 1 of his katana’s and atttack’s Elendril then makes a very then but heavy katana out of bone then he attack’s anco but anco sidestep’s him and hit’s him in the chest whith the hilt of his sword Elendril hit’s the ground then anco say’s have you hade a nufe then Elendril say’s no i will never have anufe Elendril then get’s up and shutes 10 finger bones at a time at anco anco then does earth wall jutsu to shield him Elendril then jump’s 10 feet in the air and shutes finger bones at anco hiting him in the leg he then run’s to anco but anco was goin all of a sudain Elendril hear’s a nose and turn’s but anco had his katana at Elendril’s throwte but Elendril apear’s behind anco and makes a bone apear out of his riest and put’s it to anco’s neck and say’s check mate after resting Elendril pick’s up a katana and start’s traning he start’s focusing his chakra then start’s trying to brethe fire he takes deep breth’s and focuse his chakra until he can make a fire ball then he practises forming the fire in his hand then he then doase rat/ ne tiger/ tora ox/ ushi hare/ u tiger/ tora FIRE STYLE ART OF THE PHEONIX FLOWER but he could not get anuf chakra into the jutsu so he felled so he tried to o it agin but this time ading more chakra to the jutsu then he focases his chakra then he does ne tora inu ushi u tora fire style art of the pheonix flower this time he does it he gits it right for the first time ever he then does it one more time and does it perfict and out of esitment he does a back flip out of joy he then run’s up a tree and take’s a nap later Elendril start’s making bones sprout from his body he thin get’s them to cover his body to make a armer over his body he then makes a bone sprout out of his hand that has a then blade but is very heavy but can move very swiftly threw the air allowing him to strick down his target’s whith easyniss he then makes bones sprout from his body so he can do the dance of the willow he start’s doing the step’s in slow motion puting chakra at the bottom of his feet so that he has good greap he then does the step over and over and every time he get’s faster and faster little be little he then expand’s the bones to the true link thay should be he then start’s geting faster and faster in his step’s until he is the full speed he need’s to be to do the dance he then practices his form over and over until it is right he then does it at the true speed and keep’s doing it until it is perfict he then shutes the bones out and takes a deep breath he then practises his acrobatic, using spins, charges, and long sweeping slashes then he takes deep breath’s and focose’s on his inerself he then meditates and see’s his iner self he see how he is and the way of his people and how those in there clan can do there kekkei genkai and that there clan love’s to fight and are blood thirsty people how shun those how can do there great and wonderful kekkei genkai he then focusi’s on every step in his dances and how he must move his body and make shure that the bones hit the target in certin spot’s he then goes over every step the way he must twist and slash he then get’s up and practisis every step and formation he then takes a breath and decides to relaxe he then doase every dance over and over till he get’s thim right he then try’s to gain complete control over his chakra so that he can do high ranked jutsu’s so he hang’s up side downe for hour’s and he repet’s the sighn names over and over saru tatsu ne tori mi ushi inu uma tora i hitsuji u u hitsuji i tora uma inu ushi mi tori ne tatsu saru saru tatsu ne tori mi ushi inu uma tora i hitsuji u u hitsuji i tora uma inu ushi mi tori ne tatsu saru saru tatsu ne tori mi ushi inu uma tora i hitsuji u u hitsuji i tora uma inu ushi mi tori ne tatsu saru until he new them by heart he then practise focusing his chakra until he could control it and after seing this Elendril shot a ki blast whith 500ki at the ninja the ninja then started to shoot a bone at him but elendril shot a ki blast at the ninja but the ninja’s bone was not strong anuf and was destroyed and the ninja was hit and nockrd out

here is another one
Elendril was being yeald at for for nto doing his daily traningso his father told him that if he wanted to be a good king one day that he would have to be the strongest on the planet but Elendril realy did not care for he was as strong as his father even thoy he never told his faher for his father was not able to read power level’s whith out the reading device which no one realy used so agining to him self having fun whith the other kid’s on the planet and going to party’s parting like there was no tomorow but even thow he realy wanted to his father would never let him for hes no look like a fine prince ans prince’s would never party unless it was a formly party but then his father relized that he was not lisen so he told him that if he wanted to prove he was big and bad that he would have to beat him in a a battle one on one if you win then i will alow you to party winever you want to however you want to but if you lose you will train 3 times a day so let’s start this battle

Elendril took his time before he got ready to fight his father had been wating for him to arive in the arena to fight but beeing Elendril the prince how never cares he took he time before he got to the arena for he no his father would get mader and mader the longer it took elendril to get there and the mader he was the more sloppy he would fight so elendril wated about 3 hour’s before he wint to fight his father win elendril got ther his father said so you finally shoud up i trhought you where scared for a little while since it took you so long to get here now let’s start elendril’s father said then shout a ki blast whith 200ki elendril used a ki blast whith 300ki in it to over power his father’s ki blast then he flew right at he dad whith high speed then punched his father in the chest whith a punh whith 200ki then as his father was falling h kicked him in the chest whith a ki of 200 then his father felt to the ground pleading blood then he father said it is time that you feel pain then his father shout a ki blast whith 2000 ki in it but elendril daged it but it took a lot of ki from him to dodge it but as he was geting low on ki elendril did the Oozaru transfernation to increase his power level then whith more ki going threw him he attacked his father whith a kick and punck combo using 500 ki with his father starting to look pretty banged up elendril started to take it easy on him but as soon as his father saw what he was doing he took a very powerful attack by shuting a powerful beam at elendril whith 400ki it hit elendril pretty hard so whith elendril fulled whith ki he took one powerful hit hiting his father in the jaw whith a punch of 300ki noking out his father pretty badly then he told the servent’s to help his father to is room and bandege him up for he was going to a party

and here is another one

Elendril moves his head band and activates em sharingon then whith his sharingon acivated his speed is dobled so Elendril put’s on 200 pond weight’s on his leg. Then he start’s to run for two mile’s and he doase it in two minute’s making one of his slowest time’s . Elendril then think’s to him self i need to get back traning saying since i became kazekage i have not been traning like i should so he put’s on 2000 pound weight’s he then look’s at his suronding sing the mointain’s and holes in the great suna desert he then takes one last glance before he take’s off. so at a flash Elendril takes off at his full speed runing for five miles. As he stop’s he see’s that his time was was one minate and fifteen second’s. Elendril then take’s a deep breath going at his full speed even whith his sharingon relesed going his full speed was danger’s. that was why he never wint his full speed whith out 2000 pound weight’s. As elendril was traning thow a rival ninja from a difrent village came and tryed to attack him. But just as the rival ninja threw the kuni Elendril did a backflip over the kuni. After landing Elendril saw the the kuni then he started looking fo the ninja. whith his em sharingon he saw that the ninja used a camefloge jutsu. So Elendril decide’s that if a ninja want’s to attack Lord Kazekage Elendril Drakar of the sand from suprise while he was traning would die. so Elendril pull’s out a bone katana then he aproche’s the ninja camle. But the ninja relize’s that he is spoted and shout’s Elendril Drakar of the sand you will die by my hand’s. so you think but it is you that will die by my hand’s . So let’s stop talking and fight . So Elendril charges at the rival ninja whith full speed and get’s a edge on the ninja and put’s the bone katana to the rival ninja’s neck but the rivaly ninja had done the sand substution jutsu. Being carefull not to look Elendril in the eye since he had his em sharingon activated so the rivaly ninja tried to use Elendril’s shadow to see where he was. Seeing what the rival ninja was doing he he doase the shadow clone jutsu and as soon as the rival ninja got confused Elendril hit’s him whith rasengon hiting the ninja right in the chest. But being able to take some damege the rival ninja get’s up and then doase the phenoix flower jutsu but right as the jutsu get’s ready to hit Elendril he move’s out of the way. Seing that he missed the rival ninja get’s in a fiting stance and pull’s out two sword’s and start’s to do Fangs of Lightning but he look’s up and see’s Elendril’s eye’s and Elendril doase Tsukuyomi putting the ninja in a world of pain he keep’s him there for 5 minute’s that fill’s like fifty year’s to the ninja and win Elendril let’s him out the ninja fant’s. so elendril pick’s up the ninja and run’s to the village. win the metacle ninja look at him they say that he was dameged up very badly fo being in Tsukuyomi to long and that it may take him a very long time to heal. so filling bad about what he did he looked at the ninja’s belt which had his head band and seing that the ninja was from the village hiden in the mist Elendril took of f as fast as he could giting the the village hiden in the mist and telling them what had happened and how bad he felt for doing it the kage of the mist told him that the ninja was having problime’s and had actully left there village but they would like him back for his family

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PostSubject: Re: Elendril app   Sun Feb 14, 2010 8:17 pm

Please make your history Longer, as well, please fix the grammar of your application, your incorrect grammar makes it hard to decipher.
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Please correct the grammar, there are many mistakes still.
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If he is frequently late and implying he is lazy, why did he work hard to get back in after suspension? Was it important to him? Why did he do hard work around the house?
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Why is your nickname Wind Shadow?
Please elaborate on what Ninja Outfit is.
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Elendril app
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