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 Nico Rentz

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Nico Rentz


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PostSubject: Nico Rentz   Sun Feb 14, 2010 7:24 pm

Generic Information
Name: Nico Rentz
-Nickname: [optional] None
-Alias: Nico
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Appearance Information

Nico is a very attracting teenager whom is envied by many teenagers, old and young. Unlike most teens, his face has always been clear of acne. And due to the fact that he always has had amazing skin, girls loved him that much more.

Nico has large muscles and a six-pac. Unlike most guys, he is a beauty finatic and cares about how he looks. His hair always seem to be perfect and his eyes always seem to give off that appealing glow. Overall, Nico looks like an emo teenager. Nico has two lip piercings and wears guy liner to bring out his eyes.

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Teal
Skin Color: White
Height: 5'7
Weight: 117
Nico usually wears black shirts, or simply dark shirts. Dark shirts include purple, dark blue, dark green,etc. Also, Nico wears skinny jeans. He rocks vans and other types of skater shoes. He often wears white, stylish belts. Nico always is seen with guy liner on for it makes him sexier, and brings out his eyes. Also, Nico has two silver lip piercings.
Body Type:
Nico is a good looking guy. His face looks good, and his body looks good. He has a six-pac and well toned muscles. He has strong calfs and large triceps. Overall, Nico is extremely healthy.

Personality Information
Nico is a fun loving guy. Being as attractive as he is, he is easily seeked out by girls and taken to have a good time. Nico is however, emo. He doesn't hate life itself but just the things about it. Such as why terrible things happen to him. Nico continues to live life though, and will not stop.

Nico also finds himself in trouble a lot. He often is seen doing bad things such as graffiti or even smoking. Nico smoked a few times but quit. The same thing happened with drinking. Aside from getting in trouble, Nico often plays music and skates on his skateboard. Nico tryies not to be violent, but when necessary, he will be violent and retaliate. He also protects the ones he loves.
-Fake people
-Country Music
Fears: None
Personal Strengths: N/A
General Traits: Music, His Powers, Skating, Dancing, Telling Jokes, His Beauty, Girls.
Theme Song: Emily~FFTL
Catchphrase: "'s okay."

Superhero/School Information
Powers: Super Sonar, Level 3. Lightning, level 6. Level 1 Intelligence.
-Point Cost: 9+11=20+2=22
-Remaining: 0
Super-suit: None
Grade: Sophomore

Item Information

Pet Information
Pets [optional]

Background/RP Information
Nico was born into a family of very rich and wealthy people. As a child, he seemed as if he lived the good life. The life where there were no worries, no problems, and just all around happiness. But Nico hated it. He always seemed to reject his family no matter how hard they tryied to please him. He always thought of his parents as normal until he discovered their powers. He noticed his mother could move unusually fast and did things in no time whatsoever. He also noticed that his father was able to call lightning when he wanted and ejected it out of his fingertips when he wanted. Nico, of course, thought that this was unusually strange.

Nico knew his parents were different...freaks. And although they were freaks, he began to like them more. One day, he went to his parents and asked them about it. They told him that he would have to grow into his powers, and the day that that would happen would be awhile. So Nico accepted that and carried on with his life. Instead of mourning about how he didn't have powers, he just dealt with it. He joined a band and learned how to skate. He was the singer in the band, and the band was an emo band. He noticed that he had an amazing falsetto and range for a boy.

Nico thought that this was his power and raced to his parents. As he was running, he began to pick up speed. So much speed, that he began to surf lightning. He knew his powers had came. He went to his parents and told them the news. They were proud of him but told him not to tell anymore. Nico was dissapointed and began to reject them, and life. He then developed his life of crime and breaking the law. His parents were fed up with him and decided to send him to Marvel Academy, the high school where all the teenagers could learn how to develop and perfect their powers. Nico went here and began to get all the girls, turn all the heads, and people feared him.

Nico continued to be himself. He sang, and wrote his own lyrics. Suprisingly, it was almost impossible for him to get in trouble so he just gave up. Nico joined another band and he learned how to play guitar. He pwned at it. He quickly learned how to play and was able to strum quickly, due to his super speed. Nico also excells in his classes academically and gets straight a's. He is a good student because he pays attention. He got in his super fight when he was only in seventh grade. His opponent threw Nico around like a rag doll, but finally Nico caught his opponent, and unleashed a loud scream and shot multiple lightning bolts at him. This caused his opponent to go deaf. Nico didn't realize what happened so he just ran. His opponent didn't know what happen so Nico never got in trouble. Nico went back to the school and simply was himself. He didn't get in much trouble, but did get many ladies.
-Father: Tyler Rentz
[u]-Mother: Michelle Rentz
-Others: None
[b][u]RP Sample:
Avon had just left Ba Sing Se and passed Lake Lukai. He felt strong and wanted to kill or at least severely injure someone. But he couldn't, he couldn't because of the fact that the Dai Li were patrolling every area. Avon wasn't afraid of the Dai Li, it's just that he didn't want to have to take the time to break out of the prison they would throw him in.

Walking pass the lake, Avon noticed a cluster of fairly tall mountains in the shape of a diamond. The Peaks edged together perfectly. Avon took this as a sign to explore the mountains. He opened his sand gourd and pour a decent amount of the ground. He bended it to form a wave along his legs so that he could travel faster.

Avon rode the sand wave all the way to the mountains. He traveled over plains, around water, and much more. Finally, he reached the mountains. Avon put the sand back in the gourd and sealed the lid once again. Avon looked at the mountains and closed his eyes. He thought to himself that there must be some kind of secret in that mountain range. He needed to reach the center of it, but how?

He focused all of his energy and stomped on the ground. A large crack could be heard, this crack developed into a shifting noise. Avon slowly moved his hands to the left as the shifting noise grew even louder. Avon was moving a mountain. The mountain was moved just enough so that small crack could be used as an entrance to reach the center. Avon walked forward and through the rift he just created.

Just then, as Avon was between the mountains, a sharp whistle could be heard. Following the whistle was the dropping of multiple, about 80, rocks. Avon looked up to see the rocks falling on top of him. If he did not act quickly, he was doomed to the punishment of death. Avon used his remote earth bending to hurl the rocks falling behind him. Avon also used the mountain to pull out an earth barrier/ledge over the entance as if it were an arch, causing the rocks to fall on top of that.

Avon walked forward passed the entrance and turned around to see that the entrance had collapsed and that he was trapped in the diamond of mountains. He sighed then turned back around to be faced with the darkness and fog of the interior of the mountain range. Avon darkbended the darkness to slowly fade away, and as he did this, it slowly became visible inside of the range.

Pressing forward, Avon was not aware of what would come, but he knew he would find the secret. He knelt down and touched the ground with his hand. With that touch, Avon could see everything. He used his earthbending to sense the locations of trees and buildings and etc. Avon saw that there was a large building straight ahead. It felt broken and old. Almost forgotten.

Avon had found his first clue. He walked forward passing a spring, a few trees, and a large rock untill he came across the building. Fog poured out of it as a smell of mystery waltzed through the air. Avon walked forward towards the entrance of the building. He kicked open the door and hundreds of bats flew out and into the air. Avon was suprised, but remained on guard, he would have to if he planned on surviving.

Avon walked through the bottom floor, entering and observing each room to the fullest. He noticed a scripture which was yellow with age and reaked with the smell of death. Most of the words were illegible and impossible to make out. Avon could only make out the words ,"He murdered at the bottom..."the scripture said.

Avon rolled it up and placed it in his bag. He thought about what it read. "He murdered at the bottom." he thought. It then came to him, the basement of the building. Walking out of the room, he encountered a stairwar leading up and leading down. Avon decided to walk down the stairway.

At the bottom of the stairs, were hundreds of dead bodys rotting in a pool of old blood. At the back of the room was another scripture. Avon searched the room with his eyes while remaining on the stairs and he saw the scripture. "...shit.." he thought. It suddenly came to him and he smiled cruely. Pressing his hands forward, they began to heat up. His hands released an acid wave melting all of the bodies and making it easier to walk through.

Avon created a dark walk way so that he could walk forward with getting the blood on his robe. Avon picked up the scripture and it read ," the top is where he lays." Avon thought hard and thought of the top of the building. He once again rolled up the scipture and placed it in his bag. He continued up the floor and to the top of the room.

To his suprise, the room was empty. It only contained a few columns and a rolled up scripture on the floor. He walked forward and unrolled it. "The peaks are where they dwelled.." it read as Avon placed it in the bag. He turned around to see a man facing him.

"What are you doing with my notes?" The man asked as he adjusted his glasses and blinked repetitively. " no no no no no no...They are very important!" He shouted as he charged towards Avon.

Avon slid out the way as the man raged about the room. Avon opened his gourd quickly and shot sand needles at the many. It was as if he threw darts at a dart board and hit everything but bullseye.

The man dripped blood and laid dead on the floor. Avon walked down the steps and continued out the door. "The peaks are where they dwelled..." Avon thought. He looked at the mountains and looked at their tops. He thought that that is where he must go. He jumped out a window that the top floor had and rose 20 large earth pillars. One of the twenty caught him and he stood on top looking at the other nine-teen. He rose the pillars so that they gradually rose up.

Avon jumped from pillar to pillar. He finally reached th highest pillar which was parallel to the peak of a fairly tall mountain. Avon took a deep breath and made a jump. As he approached the mountain peak, he raised his foot and kicked a hole in the top. He stumbled into the room and took a second before he stood up.

Avon looked around and to his suprise the mountain peak was like an apartment complex. There were stairs in it and homes. He scratched his head and put his hand on his chin. He then returned to where the hole he made was. He looked back outside and saw that there were door like things at each mountain.

Avon took the time to visit each peak. He saw shops, homes, schools, and many other things. By the time he was finished with most of the peaks, a few days had passed. Avon finally reached the last one and kicked a hole in the mountain. It seemed as if it were a palace. There was a throne in the middle of the first room and stairs leading behind and under it. Avon walked forward and looked around and a highly dressed man walked out. "What are you doing in my city? I rule this! You will be killed!" he said as he charged at Avon and flew out the hole he made. He then made the peak Avon was in collapse.

Avon jumped out just in time and followed the man. He ran across the mountain and shot the peak of another mountain at the flying king. It hit him and launched him into another mountain peak. This continued on with Avon and the king taking multiple hits into mountains untill all the peaks were destroyed. The two slid down outside of the mountain range and faced each other.

Avon spit on the ground and tore of his robe. He then launched mulitple sand and dark needles right for the king. He bonebended his bones to shoot for the king also. And the king just stood there. "My time is over.." he said as he shot an underground earth snake at Avon. The king took the multiple hits and fell to the ground, dead.

Avon however, felt the earth snake approaching. He stuck his hand in the ground and ripped it out, stopping it completly. He walked over to the king's corpse and saw his crown. "King of Seto" it read. Avon thought of the word "Seto" and remembered that it meant, "hidden". The hidden city, destroyed. Avon stood proud of his work and now knew the secret of the mountain civilization. He walked off with multiple bruises and simply smiled.

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PostSubject: Re: Nico Rentz   Sun Feb 14, 2010 8:05 pm

It is Mavel Academy, not Sky High.
General Traits is more of a place to say what you are centered around, mainly. An Artist\'s General Triats would be Creative, or such. A Wiseman\'s would be Insightful.
As well, make sure you don\'t say that he can just be good at something. \'He pwned at it.\' was all you put for learning guitar. How did it make your opponets go deaf?

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Nico Rentz


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PostSubject: Re: Nico Rentz   Sun Feb 14, 2010 8:06 pm

Lol, that is what he is centered around. And sorry.
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PostSubject: Re: Nico Rentz   Sun Feb 14, 2010 8:13 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Nico Rentz   

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Nico Rentz
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