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PostSubject: Breakfast-   Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:12 pm

"is there such a think as to late for breakfast?" Zanza asked as he stepped into the cafeteria. Noticing the clock it going on 10 in the morning since most of students had classes in the morning most were in and out of the cafeteria by then. Zanza haveing flunked freshman year multiple times was down to 2 classes. His math class and his physical education class.

He failed gym constantly because the grade was 50% participation and 50% changing. Zanza never changed he wasnt self consious just never saw the point in changeing close for the last period of the day. So every year Zanza got exsactly a 50.

As for his math class Zanza simply skipped it everyday. The only time anyone would bother to look for him was during the math class so as long as he wasnt in his room or roaming the halls at random during his class they wouldnt find him and no one would care except his math teacher. The reason Zanza always skipped was because he had gone for the first month of class his first freshman year in it and slept through the class and passed about a month into his first freshman year class they passed a new rule that said you couldnt sleep in class which is what Zanza always did in his math class cause it was fairly early in the morning. After that Zanza tried to stay awake in the class but couldnt since he already knew everything the teacher said so he just sat in the back of the class. After it got to the point where the teacher sent him out everyday for sleeping Zanza jsut stopped going.

Zanza recalled one time they had gotten him from his room on a test day about half way through the year. Zanza went in and took the class and after the guard left the door he walked out of class. Zanza rembered that later that week a classmate told him he had gotten a 100.

Zanza grabbed a tray with some silverware and was waiting in line simply skipping the first couple lunch women and waiting for the right one. Daffy was her name she was an older women with some odd powers about keeping food fresh. She sat at the register with all the special made meal. Zanza was waiting in line simply waveing to each lunch lady as he passed. Zanza noticed a child behind being very ants and looking towards the door every few seconds. "You okay?" Zanza asked the kid snapped his head from stareing at the door and saw Zanza. "Uh no not relly. Theres a test in my math class right now and i dodged like 4 security guards befor ducking in here. I relly dont wanna take that test if i fail then im screwed." The kid talked as he looked back and forth between the door and the lunch line. "Just look at the lunch ladies nothings going to draw attention faster then a kid who cant sit still and keeps looking at the door."

As Zanza finished speaking a kid on the other side of mr.ants in the pants spoke up. "He's right. Also sit with your back towards the door across from a freind who can keep and eye out for you. If your the one watching the door youll get approched with ease if its a freind with a schedual who can prove there suppose to be here right now then they wont even question the other people at the table." The kid listen attentively. "Sup marcus, hows science class?" Zanza asked the kid who was just speaking "Sup Zanza, its about the same as your math class" Marcus was another student who skipped daily Marcus was another freshman and unlike Zanza it was his real freshman year. The 2 usally sat together because in the case of a quick exit it was easyer to fend off the body guards together then seperate. Zanza could handle all the guards by hemslef by this point but originally there was an ice body guard who knew how to cancel out Zanzas powers. Marcus cut him off and taught Zanza how to negate the effect and they had been freinds since.

Marcu's tray was also empty. He was waiting for daffy just like Zanza was. The kid spoke up "So you two are skipping today as well? Are you guys afraid of your test to?" Zanza jsut glanced at the child and didnt want to make the kid feel entirly stupid so he just said. "I just hate my math class so i skip it everyday." Marcus caught on imeadetly "Yeah and science just sint my thing. If you dont wnana get caught kid sit with any freind u got who wont snitch or us." The kid grabbed his tray from one of the lunch ladies who put a sorta small burger on it with some crappy fries and a cup of what was suppose to be juice but looked like piss. Tasted just like lemonade oddly enough. Then he noticed that they were at the second to last lunch lady the drink lady. "No i got some freinds over ther waiting for me" He said makeing a hand motion then he continued to talk. "Arent you 2 gonna get anything?" Zanza stepped up to the cashier. She knelt down and popped back up with 2 large plates. "Here you go boys." She said handing a plate to marcus and a plate to Zanza. The 2 of them handed there plastic trays back to her. Zanza dug into his pocket and pulled out a 20 and handed it to daffy and then walked off. Daffy quickl did some money exchange and handed some change money to marcus and marcus walked in the same direction as Zanza. The kid began to dig in his pocket Daffy raised a hand to stop him. "Zanza covered you anyone inbetween him and marcus in line is paid for by his which is why chaing goes to marcus. Usally its no more than a person or 2. Anyways scatter along now"

Zanza had already sat down and waited a moment later marcus Sat at the same tabe 1 chair over forming a 90 degree angle between the 2 of them and the midle of the table. The kid walked up to the table and spoke "Um...thanks does this mean i owe you?" He asked Zanza simply shook his head and stuck his hand out towards marcus who put the change in Zanza's hand. "Well do you 2 really eat raw meat thats kinda gross?" Looking at the trays both were the same thing A peice of ham with some bacon strips on top and a few sausage links and the other half the plate was eggs straigt from the carton the food was sitting on metal plates. Zanza almsot laughed when the kid asked. Marcus reached out and placed his hand int he middle of the tabel a moment later a think layer of ice was in a large rectangle. The 2 put ther plates atop the rectangle. Zanza reached out granned the eggs and crakced them on to the plates. Tossing the shells into a near by garbage can Zanza grabbed the edge of the plate a few moments later the food on both plates was sizzleing. Zanza was useing heat control to heat up the plates like frying pan to cook the food however Zanza could control heat so he could keep the heat that would be lost to the air right aroung the food cooking it at a much faster pace. The trouble was first time Zanza did this was cause hie food was under cooked he accedently melted the plastic tray to the plate so he started just getting the plate and haveing to hold it in mid air while doing it Marvus just keeps replensihing the cold to the ice and there meals are fresh cooked every morning. The kid stared in amazement for a few moments befor a girl came over and grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to there table.

Zanza and marcus had been sitting there for a while when Zanza glanced at the clock an noticed it was 10:25 "Crap" he said aloud. Marcus looked at the clock and quickly grabbed both plates and dumped the remaing food from the plates into the trash. Jogging over to the plate return he gave them to the lady and jogged back. Zanza looked towards the door real quick and stood with marcus in to the began towards the exit door oppiste the one they had come in. As they approched the door they wer about 2 tables from it whne a kid jumped out in front of them. "These are the guys. This ones Zanza and this ones marcus." It was the kid Zanza and amrcus had given pointers to earlyer aperently he had gotten cocky. He began to intor duce his freinds pointing to a few none of which Zanza reconized. Zanza wasnt listening to names either. He was to busy keeping an eye on the door. Zanza looked at the kid real quick. "We gotta go." The kid wasnt listening and fiarly forced the 2 into empty chairs next to his. Marcus between zanza and the kid and Zanza next to some girl he wasnt even noticeing. He was just watching the door. Zanza glanced back at the kid befor he could say anything marcus beat him to it. "Hey this was great in all but we really gotta go. Marcus went to stand but then got grabbed by the wrist by the kid and got pulled back intot he seat. Zanza had felt the grip and knew from the look on marcuses face it wasnt super strength. It was the thing that they both knew. They knew that they could easyly walk off but with the way the kid was acting he would call after them and most likely make a scene however if the 2 of them stay there there might be another problem.

Although it was marcus real freshman year he had reapeted his third year meaning at one time both Zanza and marcus had been in the sophmore class and about half of it was about to come pouring into the caffitera right after 10:30 when there classes were suppose to get out but sometimes they got out early so Zanza and marcus prefered to be out of the cafateria by 10:25 and somewhere else by then. Other wise despite how many time they beat the shit out of them some sophmore was bound to pick a fight with them. Zanza glanced at marcus who was listenting intently to the kid talking. No he was listening to what was happeneing behind him. Zanza could tell by the way marcus's head was tilted Zanza knew what that meant. Trouble.

Zanza and marcus sat there for about 10 minutes without trouble. Then a hussle and bussle began to happen over ther shoulders.Withe entire table they were at stareing intently Zanza and marcus had to look or they would stand out even more. There were 2 guys and 1 girl all sophmores standing beside a lunch table with about 5 freshman girls and 2 freshman guys. Zanza noticed some books on the table and instantly reconized the steryotype. Couple ofkids to worried about grades which means they didnt have enough knowledge of power control to fight. Zanza noticed one of the girl snap back at something the middle boy said. When she did she leaned fowards and the man smacked her straight across the face. The 2 girls beside her isntantly turned to comfort her. One of the girls had made and ice ball under the table. When she pulled it up to use the girl who was standing there grabbed the back of her head and bashed it in to the table braeking the girls nose and began to scream at her about how dare she attck her. As the girl was screaming 2 more girls came over followed by 2 more guys. The remaining freshman scattered except for one girl who wouldnt move. Zanza could see the look on her face it was defiance she was so scared she couldnt move or speak. To Zanza it made sence considering the girl beside her had just gotten face smashed in. After a flinch straight off her chair from the head bashed she also moved. The freshamn all stood up and shoved in shareing seats with the freshman a table over. They all kept looking back at the shopmores with angry looks. Zanza watched after 5 minutes of dirty looks and whispers Zanza knew what was going to happen next. The girl who had gotten violent befor reached over and grabbed the back of one of the girls chairs and ripped it out from under her the girl that had been siting moments ago fell back and with no natural defense for such a supriseing action smacked her head on the floor. Zanza herd it from where he was sitting a few tables away. The girl got up and just went and sat on the lap of another girl on the other side of the table. Apertnly this made the any sophmore worse. She stood up and moved to the other side of the table and whipsered in one boys ear. The boy got up and moved to the spot in the table where the girl had just been sitting. Grabbing the edge of the table he fipped it with ease towards the isle luckly all the frshman moved out of th way fast enough to dodge. but the boy simply laughed and then sat backdown. All the freshman from that table went straight to the exit. Zanza watched out they moved to the outside courtyard and sat there which sucked cause it was cold as hell outside. They hadnt grabbed there book bags or jackets or anything they left them sitting there which a few were already being gone through by sophmores. Except one girl it was the same girl who had been afraid to move before she hadnt moved but now she so much wouldnt as couldnt. Zanza had herd a loud crack when the table was flipped he didnt know what it was but know he could tell. She has been sitting with he foot tucked behins and around th leg so when the table got flipped and she didnt react the table caught her leg and pulled when it didnt move cause it was wrapped around the chair it broke her leg. Zanza could see pressure on one point inside her lose jeans he knew it was bone sticking through the skin witout even having to look.

Zanza decided it was time to act upon instinct. Riseing to his feet marcus stood up with him "You see her leg to right?" marucus was quite for a moment "Is it just me or is the boen throught he skin." Zanza nodded yes. The two walked over to her. Zanza could see her face now she had her head down with her hair covering her face. Her face was a look of excruciating pain. "Marcus" Zanza began befor hs could finish he was cut off "I know" Moving around the other side of the girl and the chair he knelt down next to her. "Where is the break?" Zanz asked "Its Below...its below" Her eyes went wide as a another shot of pain ran through her leg. Zanza reached up and grabbed her hand "Where?" Shes closed her eyes and leaned foward "Below the knee." She finally spat out. Marucuse reached up to where here knee was and placed his hand there he the grabbed her ankle of the same leg. Quickly coldness was goig down and up her leg at the same time with ice closely behind After a few moments she stopped writhering in pain and was just breathing heavely. "Is it..." She began Marcus shook his head "Just numb to dangerous to move you" She shook her head lightly. marcus looked to Zanza "Your turn" He said. Zanza looked at him and smiled this was his favorite part.

Letting go of the girls hand Zanza stood and turned around. swirling his arms in large circluar motions in front of him Zanza quickly had to massive fire balls grabbing both Zanza lept in the air and threw both at the table. Hitting the middle of the table and explodeing most of the sophmores lept back to see who dared mess with them. Zanza stood crouched slightly with his chest turned enough that his right arm was out of sight. His right arm was preparing for a technique of his known as the flame serpant because when he unleashed it a massive serpant was burnt into the ground. All of the sophmores ran except the 2 abusers. The man Zanza simply glared waiting for them to back down. They didnt the man charged at Zanza. Without hesitation Zanza unleashed his fury. Useing his control of wind and fire A massive Zanza serpant rushed around the boys body and past the girl multiple times befor finaly diapateing. Both stood still with fear in there eyes worse than the injured girl. A moment later they were darting for the door.
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