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 Avatar the 10 Nations

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PostSubject: Avatar the 10 Nations   Sun Feb 28, 2010 3:44 pm


Description: Centuries after Aang, Zuko and the rest of the gang established peace, much land was stumbled upon. Those were formed into the Dark, Light, Forest, Sand, and Time nations(with the bendings having been created). Hundreds of years after this, due to tectonic plates spreading, the two landmasses collided and formed the continent where the 10 nations are located.

Plot: The Dark Nation has fallen due to it's recent take over it. Nations are unhappy with it, while others congratulate the conqueror. The Light Kingdom is one of the main nation who are angry about it. They feel that the Dark Nation failed at defending their territory and that the new Dark Lord should be eliminated immediately. This has caused a war between the two nations. Meanwhile, the Fire and Acid Nations have also started a war because each of them feel they are dominant. The Water and Air Nations are all peaceful at the time but are slowly edged towards war. But the Time and Sand Nations are continuing their long war. The Earth Kingdom, however, has an arms race with the Forest Kingdom due to the fact of, once again, dominance. The Nation Leaders are beginning to wonder whether they should have allies. The Avatars have just been chosen and could bring peace, or chaos by fighting with, or working with each other. Shangon and the Pits of Hell have somehow remained untouched by the war. Probably because they are so distant from all of the other nations

New Bendings!
~These new bendings include but aren't limited to ; Darkbending, Lightbending, Acidbending, and much more.

New Places!
~These new places include but aren't limited to ; Zoraylum Islands, Pits of Hell, Forest Kingdom, and much more.

New Plotlines!
~These new plotlines include the fact that the water tribes were sunken and recreated underwater to form Atlantis.

Open Positions!
~Time Queen
Sand Lord
Plant King
Earth King
Acid Lord
Light King
Air Leader
Dark Lord
Hell's Ruler
Ninja Leader
Sand Rebellion Leader

~A character can be from an amatuer, to even a titan!

~Members can create techniques, pets, weapons, and characters. As long as they are reasonable, the staff is allowed to approve it!

Tired of not being able to see what's going on in wars?
~War Announcements are posted whenever a major event happens in war to make sure each member has the ability to be updated on them.


Members at this time are elligble to become staff if they meet the criteria. Staff is needed, and welcomed. So please apply to the head administrator/owner, Auron, and ask about being on the staff.

So what are you waiting for? Come on down to "[][/url]" and if you can't reach us there, try going to ""

This site belongs to Auron, the owner of our site, and whoever uses ideas/steals ideas from the site will be punished by legal action.
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Avatar the 10 Nations
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