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 Kit the Sonic

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PostSubject: Kit the Sonic   Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:46 pm

[b][u]Generic Information
Name: Kit Takamashi
-Nickname: N/A
-Alias: Sonic Youth
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Appearance Information

Description: Kit is a tomboy, she's skinny. She always has headphones with her, she wears them whether they are on or not. She always has a smug expression on her face. Her shoes are typical barely matching the rest of her clothes, she doesn't care about style her tastes just end up matching her clothes for her. It is said that when she actually smiles from happiness that she is the most innocent and beautiful thing people have ever seen. This however is rare even around Lena. She says it hurts her mouth.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Grey
Skin Color: Asian skin tone
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 110lbs
Clothing: [optional] She wears long sleeved shirts, and always has headphones. She always wears black, white, or gray cloths.
Body Type: [optional] slim

Personality Information
Personality: Kit is a tomboy. She is very confident in her ability, and enjoys seeing the pain her sonic powers cause. She is very sadistic at times, and is sarcastic to almost everyone except Lena. She is very quick tempered and always acts on her temper. She is only not evil or cruel in any way when she is armed with frozen chocolates or watching a horror movie. She has actually been known to invite class mates over to watch them with her, much to their terror. She has been even know to be downright friendly in such situations.

Kit likes to play with her prey before she finishes them in a fight. She loves to see her enemies clap their hands over their ears in pain. It gives her the kind of instant gratification the world needs these days. When she sees their pain she knows her power is working, and that she is the one in control. The only time she will not toy with her opponents are when her opponent is particularly tough, or when she is hit physically. Then she loses it and goes all out, trying to downright annihilate her opponent.
Likes: Lena, seeing people clap hands over their ears, music, she also likes foxes, and frozen chocolate, as well as horror movies
Dislikes: being touched without her consent, she hates muscle heads.
Fears: She is scared of being hit.
Personal Strengths: [optional]
Weakness: When she is hit physically she becomes frightened her mind flashing back to her abusive parents. She is frightened, of being touched or hurt physically. (3 points?)
General Traits: sadistic, protective of Lena, confident, quick temper
Theme Song: Shut me up
Catchphrase: [optional]

Superhero/School Information
Super Sonar LVL: 3
-Point Cost: 9
-Remaining: 7
Super Speed LVL: 3
-Point Cost: 8
-Remaining -1
Super-suit: Her everyday clothes
Grade: 3rd year

Item Information
Items Head phones, that block out almost all sounds, to protect herself from her sonic attack.

Pet Information
Pets [optional]

Background/RP Information
Kit birth to age 6
Kit was born on November 13. She was able to use her power ever since she was a baby, she would wake up the neighborhood as a baby when she cried her screams cracking glass in the room. Neither of her parents were super powered, so they were stumped on how she came by such an awesome, and horrible power. Kit struggled to get control of her powers as she grew up. As she learned to talk she found she could only speak in the high piercing wail she let out. She quickly learned to control her powers as her parents beat her when she spoke in the piercing screaming. She was beaten anytime she raised her voice below a normal tone this resulted in her whispering almost submissively at home early in her life. As she began school she began taking out her pent up rage at home, she regularly temporarily deafened her classmates by pressing her mouth to their ear to muffle the noise and shrieking. Eventually her power was discover when a scared child hit back, Kit let loose and screamed as loud as she could. Plans were quickly made in her future to Marvel High School.
Kit age 7-10
Kit struggled with her identity as a super powered child at every turn she seemed to be thwarted of normalcy. She joined the soccer team at age 8, and soon found out that in addition to her sonic powers she was gifted with Super speed as well. She was banned from the sports program due to her unfair advantage. She grew even more bitter, and knowing she was doomed to be removed from normalcy anyway, she began to embrace her powers and use them on her fellow classmates. She put 2 students and 4 teachers in the hospital after she was sent to the principals office for pulling the usual deafening trick on a student during recess, upon arriving in the office she let loose effectively destroying the room shattering windows, overturning desks, and cracking walls. State law demanded that all students be taught regardless of super powers. To remedy this the school built a sound proof room where she was taught via video conference. Kit stayed the rest of her years in normal school in almost complete isolation. She learned that if she wanted any interaction with her peers she would need to tone it down, and not deafen every kid who cuts her in line. Everyday she would spend in school in complete isolation in her small sound proof room with nothing, but a desk, the tv and the people watching her from behind the one way glass. Then she would return home and be beaten by her parents who she had learned to fear. It was a truly pitiful existence.
Kit age 11-13 1st year at Marvel
Kit came into Marvel High School full of the lessons learned in her younger years. Although these were not the lessons the teachers would have liked her to learn, she had learned them none the less. She had learned to not as often use her powers, and instead use her words to attack her enemies on most occasions. She went through her first year surprisingly quiet, attending her classes speaking when spoken too and generally establishing a reputation as a shy tomboy. Her teachers couldn't believe the reports they got about her from her previous teachers in the normal school, nor could they picture her yelling never mind scream so loud walls could crack. She lived on the second floor with other girls. She almost never spoke with these girls, for fear of making enemies with them and losing her temper and destroy her nice looking dorm room. Other than that her year passed uneventfully although there was a girl Kit saw more than once, that caught her interest, but she never spoke to her.
2nd year of Marvel High School
The first thing Kit this did year was cry. She went to her dorm room and cried she had spent all summer with her parents. They hated her now that she was officially "Abnormal" they beat her daily, and only fed her what they did not eat. It was a miracle she survived the summer. When she got over her bruises she went back about her daily life. Then she met Lena. Lena opened a whole new world too Kit. For the first time in her life Kit had a friend, and a bit of a crush with Lena. Before now Lena had never cared or felt anything, but hatred, and contempt toward anyone she had ever met, but here was someone like her. She wasn't a goody goody, and she wasn't scared of Kit. Kit spent every free moment she had with her, and would kill who ever hurt her with out a second thought. As time went on in her second year Kit's crush grew stronger and stronger towards Lena, but she held back. She had never had a good history with people of any kind, and knew that a traditional couple was between a man and a woman. So she waited for affection to be shown from Lena. The only thing Kit found displeasing about this time was Renzo. Renzo seemed to be vying for Lena's affection as well, and Kit, hated him. If she ever caught Renzo alone, she would probably give up her reputation and scream him into pieces. She was encouraged though later. Lena and Kit wrote to each other all during summer vacation that year giving Kit a ray of hope in her dismal house of abuse and fear.

Kit 3rd year at Marvel
Now Kit prepares to start her third year at Marvel, and most of all prepare for Lena. She was looking forward to seeing her first and only friends all summer and now the moment was here.

-Father: Mashiro Takamashi
-Mother: Ai Takamashi
-Siblings: [optional]
-Others: [optional]
RP Sample:
[3 Years earlier]
Kit sprinted through the hall at 120 mph the wind blew back her hair. The stupid rat Wilson told on her again. Rebecca had had it coming she knew perfectly well she had been sitting in that seat before her, and just because she got up doesn't mean she could take her chair. So, she had deafened the little bitch. Now Wilson had gone and ratted her out. She whirled around a corner her tennis shoes sliding for purchase on the slick floor, they found it. She pushed off and dashes down the hall again. She could hear teachers emerging from their rooms. they yelled after her uselessly. She knew Wilson was in 204 and she was going to get him. She saw the room and burst through the door glaring. "Wilson!" She said seeing him cowering behind his desk. "Had to tell on me huh? Not that it matters what are the teachers gonna do?!" Kit yelled at him.
"I didn't, I didn't mean too!, I 'm sorry!" Wilson stammered covering his ears already.
"You shoul have thought of that EARLIER!!!" Kit screamed ending her statement with an ear shattering shriek. Wilson writhed in pain drilling his hands into his ears, he himself screaming. Windows in the classroom shattered, and his desk turned over onto Wilson. The students fled.

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PostSubject: Re: Kit the Sonic   

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Kit the Sonic
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