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 Jayson Archtree(Done)

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Jason Archtree

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PostSubject: Jayson Archtree(Done)   Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:17 am

[b][u]Generic Information
Name:Jayson Archtree
-Nickname: Jay
-Alias: Lightspeed

Appearance Information
Description:Jay likes to wear his school uniform, but he tries to customize and personalize however he can. He doesnt like to wear t shirts, so he dresses in a dress shirt and maybe a suit. He has light green hair and keeps it short, as it annoys him to keep his bangs out of his eyes. His eyes are slight marroon and brown, which attracts unwanted attention, both bad and good.
Hair Color:Green
Eye Color:Marroon/Brown
Skin Color:White
Clothing:Like to wear dress shirts and sometimes a suit, even when the situation has no need for it [optional]
Body Type:Athetic/Slim Athetic/Slim

Personality Information
Personality:Jason is friendly, humorous in his own way, sensitive, and kind. But he also has a tendency to rush into situations without thinking, sometimes leading to embarrassing consequences. Jayson is an average student when it comes to school. He does not get the lowest grades, but he doesnt get the highest grades, which is good enough for him. Even though he may seem friendly, he is not afraid of sticking up for himself.

He can be impatient in the face of an enemy, rushing after enemies he has no chance of defeating. He doesnt like to fight very though. He likes to think of hiself as a savior, not a fighter, as he complains that this powers for superspeed and flight are not good in a fight. But he uses his powers to its fullest extent, as he is never late to class and can be anywhere at any time.

Likes: Sandwiches(preferably ham)

Dislikes: Cheese

Fears:Failing his friends, Death
Personal Strengths:Kindness, Humor
General Traits:Loyal, Nice, Impulsive
Theme Song:Daylight by Matt and Kim
Catchphrase:"Now you see me, Now you dont"

Superhero/School Information
Powers:Super Speed: Level 5> Flight: Level 4
-Point Cost: 16
-Remaining: 6
Super-suit:None [optional]

Item Information
Items [optional]

Pet Information
Pets [optional]

Background/RP Information
History:Jayson was born in New york City, with his parents John and Maria. He had one older sister, Jane, and one younger brother, Mike. Jayson's parents were superheroes, whose base was in the empire state building. Jayson and his siblings did not know that there were superheroes, only that they knew they were going out to work at an office. When everybody was older, their parent decided to tell them that they were superheroes and that someday, they will have superpowers

Jayson did not care about having powers, he only wanted to fit in with the rest of the world, which he knew wouldnt happen if he had them. His siblings had the opposite feeling, ecstatic as they could not wait to get superpowers. They all attended public school until when Jayson was 10, His siblings powers were apparent. Jane had the power to shapeshift into animals, and his brother, Mike, had the abilty to lift stuff with his mind. John and Maria were surprised to see not only his siblings powers, but also surprised to see that jayson didnt have any powers. Jayson was still happy, telling his parents that he wanted to fit in a normal school

Over the next few years, Jayson still attended public school while Maria and Mike attended Marvel Acadamy. Jayson was fine being normal, he was an average kid, with average friends with average grades. But it was annoying for Jayson when his siblings would come and brag about their days and the attention they would get from his parents. Jayson joined the track team in order to get his parents attention. As he went to the meets, he noticed that he was getting faster and faster as he ran. He laughed at the possibity of having superpowers. At the last meet of the season, He ran so fast that the bottom of his feet melted to the ground and stopped more than 50 yards away from the track. He shook his head in disbelieve as he knew what he had, superspeed.

His parents tried to tell him that having powers is a normal thing thing, but Jayson didnt believe it. He told his parents that he still wanted to go to normal school and parents agreed with hesitation. But they told him if they get calls of any strange happenings around him, he would have to go to Marvel Adacamy. Sure enough, somethind did happen. One of his teachers saw Jayson ran really fast to keep from a bully. Jayson said it was for self defense, but his parents werent buy it. They said that he needed to go to Marvel Acadamy to teach him how to use his powers safely and with control. Jayson knew that he was going to have a rough time at the acadamy.

-Father: John
-Siblings: Sister: Jane. Brother: Mike [optional]
-Others: [optional]
RP Sample:
This is from the avatar site)
Kenshin arrived at one of his training spots, one that was a fair distance from his destroyed temple. He looks around to see the debris that was still left there. He frowns fiendishly and punches into the air, making a hard breeze flow in the confined space. "This is why i must get stronger, to make that i rule the world and destroy anybody thats in my way." He shook his head and climbed up onto one of the stones to ready himself. He waved his arms in a mesmerizing motion, trying to focus his energy. As much as hated to admit it, he needed to practiced the ways of the air nomad, which he tried to forget. He let off a few quick streams of air through his hands and feet. As he thought about his his plans for world domination, each stream of air was stronger then the last.

Anyways, Kenshin had decided to come up with a fighting style. He already had a few specifications he wanted it to meet, he wanted something versatile, that he could use to his advantage in almost any situation. However, he wasn’t sure where to go from there. He’d learned about the “moment of transition,” an instant between attacks when someone instinctively dropped their guard. Everyone did it, though higher leveled Martial artists were able to shorten its duration. It was one of the most well known openings in the book. After thinking about it a bit more, Kenshin got an idea: why not create a fighting style in which the user deliberately bypassed that moment entirely? As he thought about it even more, he saw another use for such a style. Not only would it prevent an opponent from finding openings as easily, but it would allow the user to fire off consecutive attacks more quickly. Kenshin decided to go with it. "In order to do this fighting style properly, he thought, I’ll have to be able to use it with almost any strike I can fire off. That may take a while though, so I’ll start with simpler attacks, and work my way up." He began with some basic punches. Now that he was focusing on it, he could easily pinpoint the instant when he slowed down between attacks. His frown deep, Kenshin picked up the pace of his attacks and tried to make that instant vanish.

Kenshin though about what he could do to make his would-be fighting style work. To do so, he thought about the things that caused that instinctive hesitation in the first place. Most of the reasons were mental; so one could see how much damage his previous strike had done and to decide whether to keep attacking or not. Another was to decide what move to do next. "I need to be ready for my next strike much sooner, probably before my previous one has even been finished. He realized. I can’t waste time just to plan my next move." Kenshin continued to let out a stream of punches, but he began to focus less on what types of punches he was letting loose and more on, well, letting them loose. "Maybe we should incorperate fans in there" Kenshin pulled out his fans and started waving them around, making the wind follow him. He used the blades on the fan to strike quickly at a nearby rock to check his speed. He then had another idea, What if i could control the fan with my airbending? Kenshin grinned and threw both of his fans and punched the air, which made the wind push the fans. As he waved his arms in a flowing motion, the fans soon followed it. Kenshin grinned as he commanded the wind to give him back his fans. 'At least the monks were good for something. NOw all i need to do is practiced these moves against a real person."
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Jason Archtree

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PostSubject: Re: Jayson Archtree(Done)   Wed Feb 24, 2010 12:29 am

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PostSubject: Re: Jayson Archtree(Done)   Wed Feb 24, 2010 7:24 pm

Good idea
Bump me too.
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PostSubject: Re: Jayson Archtree(Done)   

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Jayson Archtree(Done)
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