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 Rosebud's app

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Rose Bud


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PostSubject: Rosebud's app   Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:59 pm

[u]Generic Information
Name: Zink
-Nickname: rose bud
-Alias: devin rose
Age: 15
Gender: male

Appearance Information
Hair Color: brown spiky hair in human form when in metal form he has no hair.
Eye Color: His eyes are always green brown wether in human or metal form.
Skin Color: his skin is white, when in metal form it is silver.
Height: he is about 6'0" no change when in metal form.
Weight: 400 lbs cause of the metal.
Clothing: when image induser is turned on: image induser watch, white tennishoes, black jeans, white tee shirt, black zip up sweater.
when image induser is turned off:a metal suit made to protect him,he can conjur any weapon or shape he can think of.he can morf into his liquid metal form and move at high speeds.

Personality Information
Personality: witty ,charming ,and smart.not afraid to tell a person off that is way stronger then him.he isnt afraid to say a smart ass come back in the middle of the fight.he will make you giggle when your felling bad.he likes working with a small team but is strong alone too.
Likes: favorite food:hot wings he likes silent time in the libary he likes sparing with friends just for fun looking at beautiful landscapes
Dislikes: breaking things accedentily. stuck up people that think that there all that. worst food:cabbage. and rusting

Superhero/School Information
Powers: lvl 6: complete earth and metal control - 14 pts
-Point Cost: 14
-Remaining: 0
Grade: 7th

Background/RP Information

Zinc’s mother was on the run from the authorities when she was pregnant with him. She found shelter in a little farm family. Zinc was born on November 23.the next day the police found her, arrested her, and executed her. The family took him and cared for him when he was 6 the farm burned down killing all but him and his step sister who got him out, they were sent to different orphanages. At age 7 he was learning to fend for him fighting, stealing, and he committed many crimes.

He was kicked out of every orphanage almost instantaneously; he didn’t know were to go. He got a boat ticket at age 9 to anywhere. He ended up at the medical research base. He learned his blood had fifty present more iron in it, for some reason his body produced more. Scientists wanted to experiment on him. They wanted to make his body produce antimantium instead of iron. The experiment was a success. They saw an opportunity to harvest a mass stock of adimantium.

So they falsely told him there was another test he had to take. He entered a room with metal walls. The doctor told him they were metal plates made out of adiantium, but they were radiated to make them next to indestructible. He stood in the center while a giant machine came out of the wall. Cuffs shot from the floor to restrain him. He tried pulling out but it was no use. The machine made the loudest noise he had ever heard. The doctor turned on the speaker and said that he would start sucking the metal from his body. Zinc felt as if his body was getting sucked inside out. He saw streams of metal flowing out of his body toward the machine.

The metal got close to the wall and was radiated and was connected to him mentally. The metal was so small that it morphed into liquid metal. He noticed this and tried controlling it .he managed to move it past the magnetic field and made it seep into the machine. It didn’t stop it, it turned it higher. Now it was full power. All the metal in his body was going straight out now. Nothing was going to save him, all he could think of was he couldn’t do anything about it. The walls were creaking now, and soon plates were flying off the wall the liquid metal morphed with the radio active plates and crushed the machine. He fell to the floor, so weak he couldn’t move, and then all at once the liquid metal fell to the floor and rushed over to him and morphed with him the molecules of his body and the radioactive metal melted together and soon he was strong enough to stand and walk. He looked at his hands and noticed his skin was shiny 3 hours later his whole body was metal. He was able to transfer all the metal in his body to create any object he wanted out of liquid metal.

Family Rose
-Father: Jerry Rose
-Mother: mother left house after birth don't know who she is.
-Others: Jeremy smith [friend]
b]RP Sample:

Hokuto had been assigned to go and find the location of Zatheria Senju, a Sannin and a friend of Kumori, the new Mizukage. Hokuto had arrived by boat with another, Alicia Hyuuga, she had signed up to the mission as well and they were to work together to find Zatheria. He had came to the Sun village because it came about at roughly the same time Zatheria had gone missing and he believed the two to be linked. He hoped that the mission did not need to get violent, he would rather not fight a sannin.

The island was a nice looking place and the weather was good, the sun was out but there were some dark clouds growing closer. He stepped off the boat and looked around, he was not sure where to start the search but he had an idea. He turned to Alicia and asked "Can you use your Byakugan to search the area and find Zatheria? If it would help, I could fly and hold you so we could see from above and cover the entire island quicker."
He then awaited the Hyuuga Jounins response

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Nico Rentz


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PostSubject: Re: Rosebud's app   Thu Feb 18, 2010 4:51 am

I'm assuming this is a Work in Progress?
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Rose Bud


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PostSubject: Re: Rosebud's app   Sun Feb 21, 2010 2:14 am

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Rose Bud


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PostSubject: Re: Rosebud's app   Fri Feb 26, 2010 6:35 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Rosebud's app   Fri Feb 26, 2010 9:46 pm

Okay since this is finish I assume, the first thing I requested change immediately is your appearance, add a description too it like it was place in the template and be sure it is a paragraph long.

Now the next thing that I see wrong in your character personality. It needs to be place in sentences, it is not understandable, well it is sort of but still we need to see how exactly it effects your character by explaining how you end up witty or charming. Plus your clothing sentence needs to be place in the proper type of clothing.

This is as far as I will tell you for now. I hope to see these changes soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Rosebud's app   

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Rosebud's app
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