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 Zane the dark shadow

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PostSubject: Zane the dark shadow   Tue Feb 16, 2010 5:38 pm

[b][u]Generic Information
Name: zane
-Nickname: [optional]
-Alias: the dark shadow

Appearance Information
Description:He's a mysterious boy with an even more mysterious personality, surprising intellect and uncanny sense of humour. Many think he is a disturbed boy with an overactive imagination, but there is much more going on inside his deep abysmal mind.
Hair Color:black
Eye Color:red
Skin Color:tan
Clothing: [optional]mostly expensive brands
Body Type: [optional] muscular

Personality Information
Personality: confident. Proud. Slightly condescending.smug.Harbours deep hatred.
Likes: the unknown, anything dark and unpleasant. Music. Thinking. Martial arts.
Dislikes: most people. Stupidity.
Fears: [optional]nothing
Personal Strengths: [optional] He's extremely intelligent and devilishly clever
General Traits: mysterious
Theme Song: [optional]
Catchphrase: [optional]

Superhero/School Information
-Point Cost:8
Super-suit: [optional]
Grade:2nd year

Item Information
Items [optional]

Pet Information
Pets [optional]

Background/RP Information
History: Born into a bad family, the young baby zane was abused and mistreated by his cruel father and neglected by his insane mother ; zane's first few years of life were dark ones. He was warned by his parents that he was a bad little boy and that horrible things would happen to him. Eventually after a few years He was then removed and placed into foster care and every night the child would have terrifying nightmares, he would dream of horrible demons and dark awful places and the memories of his parent's stories continued to haunt him. As the years passed his nightmares began to fade. Until one day at school student's were making fun of him because he was different, he came home and that night he was seething with anger, deep hatred for the kids at school and his parents, He wanted them all to die. Then it happened, everything started shaking in his room his bureau lifted off the ground for a few seconds before it came crashing down. In the most terrifying moment of his life Zane thought because of the negativity of his feelings that something terrible was going to happen to him, that something was coming for him. After his foster parents calmed him down and proceeded to clean up the mess did Zane begin to regain control of himself however he remained awake, unable to sleep. He saw it with his own eyes but he feared to tell his parents what happened. Weeks passed, then once again he was picked on at school, but this time he flew into a rage, suddenly as if by an invisible attacker, the bully was knocked backwards. Zane was shocked, but not nearly as much as the bully who was on the ground. The person who had once been a bully got up and ran in terror. Although he feared it happening again, there was a small feeling of satisfaction within him. When he got home, he wanted to see what the source of this power really was, he took a pencil placed it on the ground and stared at it, it didn't move but this didn't stop Zane, he continued to stare at it and remembering that in the previous events he had been angry, he allowed himself to feel the anger that was buried deep inside him, He allowed himself to feel his fear. And his satisfaction. he then focused on the pencil and surely enough it began to respond, the movements were subtle of course but nothing else could make it slowly turn over the way it did. And from then on he knew he had a gift.
-Father:An evil man with a short temper and a disregard for his son.
-Mother:An insane woman who believes there are demons after her
-Siblings: [optional]
-Others: [optional]
RP Sample:
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Nico Rentz


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PostSubject: Re: Zane the dark shadow   Tue Feb 16, 2010 5:44 pm

Longer description, personality, dislikes, and general traits. Please provide an rp sample, if not your character won't be approved, and if it is approved, then you would have to start out as a 1st year.
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Zane the dark shadow
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