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 Character Creation Guide

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PostSubject: Character Creation Guide   Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:37 am

Character Creation Guide

Generic Information
What is you character’s name? Please avoid unsuitable names (either rude or inappropriate). The best idea is to find a name that you like, while still corresponding with your characters ethnicity. With this in mind I include a few useful links and tips:
-Generally, most characters will probably be English or Japanese-
For English First Names:
For English Last Names:
English Name Format: First | Last -Percy Jackson-
For Japanese First Names:
For Japanese Family/Clan Names:
While not particularly important it may be of benefit to your roleplaying experience to understand that Japanese put a different emphasis on their word order then in the west. You may wish to reflect this when making a name
In the West one puts your first name first, followed by one’s family name. The opposite applies in Japan.
Japanese Name Format: Last | First -Jackson, Percy-
A character's nickname could be quite important if they have a long name or such. This could generally be what you are called by your friends in short. This could be if your name is, let's say, 'Joshua' and your nickname be 'Josh'.
This is your superhero or super villain name! It's actually fairly important and vital to your character's reputation! It could be what your enemies fear you by, what your allies know you by, or just something that sounds cool.
How old is your Character? The age you pick should reflect your characters amount of time at the Marvel Academy and background. You are not likely to find 18 year old second years or inversely 12 year old Juniors. To aid you I have included an average age scale for the various ranks. This does not need to be strictly adhered to but applications well outside the range may not be successful in receiving approval.
~Rank Ranges:
~1st Years
-Starter age of 11-12
~2nd Years
-Starter age of 12-13
~3rd Years
-Starter age of 13-14
-Starter age of 14-15
-Starter age of 15-16
-Starter age of 16-17
-Starter age of 17-18
~Student Council
-Starter age of 18-22
((These ranges may differ depending on your powers. Meaning that if your superhero is supposed to live for a very long time or be really short, these ranges may not be in effect.))
Gender: You have to make one simple choice, is your character male or female. I think we all know and understand the difference between said categories.

Appearance Information
Just get a fair-sized image to show off what your character generally looks like! Try to keep a minimum size of at least 110x110
A Few Links You May Use: or
Description: This needn’t be long all you need to do is write a paragraph or two concerning a characters appearance. It doesn't have to completely correspond with your picture, but it must be very similar.
Hair Color:
Normally, your hair color would be one of the following: black, brown, blond, or orange - but seeing as how we are in a superhero RPG, and near anything is possible, so you will also be allowed an unusual hair color like red, green, or blue so long as it corresponds with your powers or abilities.
Eye Color:
Like one's hair color, eye color is a fairly general term. Most normal people will retain an eye color of the sorts such as: brown, black, hazel, green, or blue - however there may be allowed special eye colors so long as they correspond with your powers or abilities; such as red eyes if you have fire manipulation.
Skin Color:
One's skin color generally corresponds with their ethnicity and race. This meaning that you will certainly not be a pale African American, or in vice versa a dark brown Caucasian.
~Rank Ranges:
~1st Years
-Height of 4'10"-5'0"
~2nd Years
-Height of 5'0"-5'3"
~3rd Years
-Height of 5'3"-5'5"
-Height of 5'5"-5'6"
-Height of 5'6"-5'7"
-Height of 5'7"-5'9"
-Height of 5'9"-6'1"
~Student Council
-Height of 5'10"+
((These ranges may differ depending on your powers. Meaning that if your superhero is supposed to live for a very long time or be really short, these ranges may not be in effect.))
I think weight is self-explanatory. Just keep it in pounds and nothing else.
The type of clothing your character may wear. Although not required, it is still recommended for a great application.
Body Type:
What kind of build does your character have? Is he physically fit? Skinny?

Personality Information
In this section you tell us what your character is like. The more detailed the better. What he likes, what he dislikes? What he loves and hates? What is his nindo, how he treats other people and is perceived, his hobbies etc. Posted below are two good examples:
Quote :
Kimiko is very imaginative and thoughtful. Kimiko has a slight above average IQ and enjoys reading various of things. She pays attention to her elders well and works very hard. Something to note is that her way of thinking of certain things could labled as 'weird' or 'strange' but she dosen't really mind that. She has a love for sceince, potions, and chemicals even though those are the things that have changed Kimiko in a certain way. Kimiko is almost always calm but full of life, for she dosen't mind meeting new people and shes fond of making friends. Its funny though because at first, she will probably not really want to talk to you unless shes interested. No matter what though, she is still very polite with the utmost manners. Of course thats only if your being nice to her.

Kimiko dislikes nagging, messy work space, and failed attempts at making jokes...

Her slow body movement can irritate her at times, like when she is training with friends or running. She just reminds herself that its not that big of a deal and its not that noticable. This is probably why she is never seen being hyper because it will tire her out. In a attempt to keep her body strong she eats pretty healthy and does yoga. Of course doing such things dosen't make her body move any faster.
Quote :
Contrary to his appearance of looking evil, Hagane is a very kind and understanding person; he is mellow and down to earth and just generally gets along with everyone. He is considered to be a brotherly figure amongst the people he meets, often looking out for those younger than him and giving them bit’s and pieces of choice advice he has picked up during his life. Hagane does not hate people nor does he hold grudges, every chance he gets to meet someone he cherishes it. He is not without wit either; if he is not helping someone or he is trying to lighten the mood of a tense situation, you will find him in no short supply of sarcasm or humor. He is very prone to making nick names for the people he meets.

After losing his loved one when he was 15 Hagane has grown slightly distant emotionally, he wont get too attached to someone he like's because of the pain he had to endure through all of his years as a missing nin. In order to push people away Hagane has become a bit of a flirt, hoping that his female companions will see him as somewhat of a shallow pig and not get too attached to him. He want's to love someone again but he is very fearful of it. All the scars in the world could not compare to the one left on his broken heart. What's worse is that it was all his fault and he could have probably prevented it from ever happening.

Hagane can be cold and heartless when it’s needed; however, this side of him is reserved strictly for fighting as he needs to separate himself from the reality of things. If he didn’t do this to himself the guilt of hurting someone else would devour him emotionally and it would cause him to go insane like it did in the past. He is a veteran fighter and a survivalist, he knows what needs to be done and when it needs doing.
What does your character like, of course?
Everyone hates something, what do you dislike?
Yeah, everyone has fears. Although this is optional, it is sitll recommended.
Personal Strengths:
What is good about your character's personality? Could it be determination? Work ethic? What makes them unique but could also help them in life?
General Traits:
What your character centers around. This could be their training, art, science, or religion.
Theme Song:
The song that describes your character. You could prove the name of the song and the band that sings it or a youtube video.
Does your character have any catch phrases or sayings examples:
“I never give up”
“How tiresome”
“Do I look fat in this”

Superhero/School Information
What are your character's powers? They can be custom, in which you must register them in the Power Registry forum, or you can choose one of the ones already provided in the point system.
Point System
A picture and/or description is preferred for this area.
What grade your character is in. It could be 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year for Middle Schoolers; or Freshmen and Sophomore for High School. Currently, Junior, Senior, and Student Council are unavailable. Although, the higher your grade the better your application must be - not everyone will be allowed to start off at high grades.

Item Information
They needn’t be added unless you want to but remember you can only use approved weapons. If however you want/plan to create one especially for your character it should be mentioned, along with details of its appearance, abilities and origins in the format provided on the Weapon Creation sub forum. Only 2nd years and up are allowed to have items and you must have a high IQ, intelligence, in order to have more powerful items/weapons.
[b]Type:[/b] -sword, medicine, spear, etc.-
[b]Appearance:[/b] -picture and description-
[b]Abilities:[/b] [optional]
[b]Strong points:[/b] [optional]

Pet Information
Pets [optional] -3rd year and up only-
[b]Nickname:[/b] [optional]
[b]History:[/b] [optional]

Background/RP Information
This is your characters history. Depending on the rank of your character this could be relatively short and sweet or very long and detailed. That said even the shortest background should be a few paragraphs long if possible.
RP Sample:
A copy and paste of your average posting length and quality or a link to a topic you've RPed in. Please do not post up some malarkey training topic that's 2000 words long when your average posting length is around 300 words. It just does not look good on your part.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation Guide   Fri Jul 30, 2010 2:08 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation Guide   

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Character Creation Guide
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