The academy hidden away in the clouds, where young super-heroes can learn to be the best they can be.
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 Marvel Academy Rules | Staff

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PostSubject: Marvel Academy Rules | Staff   Mon Feb 15, 2010 2:45 am

1. No abusing powers, at all. I don't care about any "legitimate reasons" because there are no reasons to abuse your powers for any benefit. If caught, you're at risk of getting demoted, and the chances of having that permission again will decrease.

2. Don't ignore members when asked a question because you're, "busy", unless you are actually working your tail off for other things to benefit the site. You've been picked as a staff member for a reason, we ask you to please do your job. If you can't handle the pressure, why accept the opportunity? Though, I am sure every staff member needs a break once in a while - so if you want to just relax and be a normal member once or twice in the week, feel free.

3. All staff members are also required to follow the other rules mentioned in the "Rules & Terms" forum; although your punishment might be less dire, you are supposed to follow the rules like everyone else.

4. When in doubt, about anything, ask another staff member. Don't do it cause your gut says it's right. Usually when that happens, and you're wrong about it, it causes a fuss. I don't like when fusses are caused, and you'll be the one to blame; so please consult another staff member if you are having any trouble making decision.

5. When approving applications, be nice, alright? This means do not shout, no matter what; do not speak in all CAPS, and do not just delete applications without telling them what is wrong with it. If you are seen being rude like this when checking applications, you will lose your spot on staff and possibly never get it again.

6. Please do not only be nice when checking applications. Try to be nice when doing anything! There are plenty of others out there wanting to be a staff member, so set a good example. We expect for all of our members to have a good time here!

7. If you wish to resign, so be it. Tell a staff member, preferably an administrator that you wish to resign. Depending on the reason you resigned and your attitude towards members, you might be offered a staff position again later on, when needed.

8. If an Administrator feels that a member is causing a disturbance and that the only solution is to ban them, they are allowed to ban the member for 12 hours from the chatbox, for whatever reason; so long as the administrator has given them at least two warnings.
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Marvel Academy Rules | Staff
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