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 Blade finito

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PostSubject: Blade finito   Sun Feb 14, 2010 10:01 pm

Generic Information
-Nickname: [optional]Shape Shifter
-Alias: Animal
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Appearance Information
Description:Blade looks older then his regular age. The tone of his skin makes him look older, the tattoos on his face shows that he was a real dare devil and that he is a good shape shifter. Blade has white long hair and Ice grey eyes. Blade has purple skin and is pretty fit.
Hair Color:Silver
Eye Color:Gray
Skin Color:Purple
Height: 5"5
Clothing: Blade wears a brown T-Shirt and a pair of blue jeans.Blade dresses like the kids now a days. Blade wears black gloves and white shoes.
Body Type: Fit

Personality Information
Personality: Blade is a boy who has learned transform to fight in any war. Blade is still young and can be influence easily. But Blade is strong in spirit and he is pretty mature. Mature enough to know whats right and wrong. Blade does not battle unless challenge. Blade has 2 different personality. A mature side and a childish side. Blade is the transforming animal so he tries to give himself a good rep not like his family. Blade is the opposite from the family that abandoned him. They are evil and he is good.Blade uses his powers only when he has to. Unless hes getting attack he doesn't use it. He uses his powers for transportation but other then those 2 he doesn't use it.
Likes:Cookies,Ninjas.Action movies,Fighting Villians,Eating noodles
Dislikes:Cocky Heroes, Wars, rain,Darkness, Villains
Fears: Showing his real form
Personal Strengths: Transforming
General Traits:
Theme Song: [optional]
Catchphrase: I am a monster not a human

Superhero/School Information
Powers:Shape Shift
-Point Cost:21
Super-suit: no
*Note* Blade can transform into things big as a dinosaur

Item Information
Items Nothing

Pet Information
Pets I am my own pet LMFAO

Background/RP Information
History:Age 1 : Blade was born in a shed near a farm on planet Avatar. Blade family was persecuted because of Blades power. The world did not want to believe that the boy of many form has died. The accused the parents of lying and banished them. When Blade was born he smiled as his parents. Blade's parents knew there time in the world was almost over so the threw him into a basket with tar. Blade floated and floated down the river until he was picked up by a big white fur ball. The white fur ball had a owner.

Age 2: Blade was starting to take his first step as a big stormed rolled into his house so he transformed into a badger and digged his way underground. Blade was in a small village that day. The storm broke through the village's defences, trees fell down everywhere. Blade , Kame, (Kame the white spirit) and the man (Hakatoshi Gin) evacuated and flew to the nearest nation (The northern tribe of Horror toshis)

Age 3:Blade is still small but he is still working as a toddler. Feet so little and can only walk but not run.

Age 4:Blade was beginning to talk. His first word was identified as "Ka-me" the name of the white light.

Age 5:At age 5 Blade was beginning to learn the basics of transforming. Blade has the blood of a full fledge water bender because of his father.

Age 6:At this Age Blade is beginning to learn that evil is everywhere in the world because a man started to go on a mass murdering spree. Blade attempted to stop him but he almost died trying. Blade saw his Master Fight the man. Blade woke up in the hospital the next day. Blade promised that he will be stronger.

Age 7: Blade was training on his tansformation while a group of thugs broke into his house. Blade did not know what to do so he jumped out and used his transformatin making himself a gorilla.Blade then jumped on the thugs. The thugs used ice bending to trap Blade and they ran. Kame flew over as he used his fire beam to blind the thugs. Blade was eventually free from the ice trap.

Age 8:Started to train making himself a elephant.

Age 9: Blade got a sword on his birthday but this sword was just normal.

Age 11-16: Master was murdered Blade did not know what to do but leave with Kame to go some where else.

-Others: Beast Uncle
RP Sample:Blade walked through the streets of New York, he wasn't sure what he was doing there but he just kept going. All of a sudden a lady screamed out Help! Help! The woman repeated, Blade the turned into a cheetah and ran towards the sound he heard. The woman looked at Blade, Mister help me please! yelled the woman. The woman was getting grabbed by a group of thugs. GET OFF OF HER YOU FOWL BEINGS! yelled Blade as he turned back to a human. Blade then had a thought I was a cheetah how did she know i was a guy. The thugs turned to dust as the woman changed into a female warrior with wings. It was a fallen angel , Dammit, Not you again! said Blade as he changed to a cheetah and ran off. Where you going?? asked the fallen angel. She made her mace big as a elephant. She then smashed Blade right into a building. Blade got mad as he transformed into a eagle and flew towards her. I AM GOING TO PECK YOUR EYES OUT!! Yelled Blade sarcastically. She then blasted Blade with a beam of light, but Blade transformed to a mouse and dodged it because of his sized. Blade then turned to a gorilla as he climbed up the building and jumped on the angels back. Its over said Blade as he turned to a t-Rex and crushed her making her hit the floor. Blade looked down at her as her body turned to dust. Retarded kid, You have a brain of a monkey. said the fallen angel, she then pulled out her mace then smash Blade again. She then put Blade in a cage. My Master is going to be so pleased of my success smiled the fallen angel. Blade laughed as a group of heroes came to save Blade. Not so fast said a beautiful angel with fire wings and a bright golden crown. She pulled out a bow and she shot the lock of the cage. The flaming angel (Fury) was going to fight the fallen angel (Dark). Fury flew towards Dark with much force with her flaming sword but Dark was not going to stand there and do nothing, Nope she pulled out her shadow spear as she stuck it out in front of her. Fury couldn't stop falling into the blade of dark's spear. Haw Haw Haw i killed my own sister too. said Dark. Blade then flew towards her as a eagle as he turned into a beast. Blade smashed dark into a building, Blade then grabbed her by the neck and threw her into the sky. Blade jumped up faster then Dark. You are finished said Blade as he stuck out his leg and stepped on her stomach. Blade pushed her down using his foot from about 100 stories up. Blade then turned to a bird and flew towards fury. A beam of light shined a fury as she stood up, Thank you Blade but i now have to leave smiled Fury as her body vanished. Dark was tied with a bunch of light chains as she got dragged up into the sky.

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PostSubject: Re: Blade finito   Wed Feb 17, 2010 8:54 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Blade finito   Wed Feb 17, 2010 9:12 pm

Approved, you can be a Sophomore.
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PostSubject: Re: Blade finito   

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Blade finito
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